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Semi-permanent makeup: Wake up looking beautiful this Christmas

Fed up having to re-apply your lippy every time you find yourself under the mistletoe with that gorgeous guy from accounts? Indulge this Christmas with a treatment that will allow you to wake up with your makeup on every single day! Semi-permanent make-up is a cost-effective and easy way to boost your confidence and keep you looking beautiful on the outside when you may feel your worst on the inside.

When we are maxed out trying to complete a schedule so demanding an Olympic athlete would fail, it would be nice to kiss goodbye to those dreaded make up runs, throw away the cosmetic bag and buy ourselves some free time. Don’t panic, we are not going to ask you to burn your bra but we would like to introduce you to the world of semi-permanent cosmetics.

Whether you have a full-time career or are bringing up children, there is a way to look your best 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Semi-permanent make-up is fast becoming one of the U.K.’s “must have” non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

How it’s done

Anaesthetic in the form of gel or cream is used to numb the area and hypoallergenic colour is injected into the skin to create a look that is so natural your mother would not even know. The whole sensation is as uncomfortable as having your eyebrows tweezed. It takes a couple of hours to apply but up to three years to fade.

Why now?

As Big Ben chimes every New Year’s Eve, the passing of time can be a lousy beautician. Lips can appear smaller, lashes become sparse and eyebrows may begin to thin. Semi -permanent tattoos enable us to hold onto our looks as we take another 365-day journey around the sun.

Price tag

But how much does it cost to look like a natural beauty 24/7? No need to rush for the smelling salts as semi-permanent makeup works out surprisingly cheap when you consider how much we spend on products that we never use. Not to mention the cost of topping up on our favourite cosmetics. Add to this the price of skin treatments for correcting damage caused by cosmetics and cleansing products for removing makeup and it is easy to see that semi-permanent makeup could save us a small fortune.

Semi-permanent makeup keeps your lips luscious

It is estimated that women spend at least 100 hours a year applying and reapplying makeup. With semi-permanent makeup you can use those hours to enhance other areas of your life. Why not learn a new language, stay an extra half hour in bed or spend more time with the kids?

Don’t be fooled into believing that a natural beauty is someone who has been painted with the “pretty brush.” Celebs, athletes and even that stunning girl who always catches your boyfriend’s eye may have given nature a little helping hand with a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure. Now you can have the haute lashes of Marilyn Monroe or the sexy pout of Scarlett Johansson without the need for surgery! Semi-permanent makeup is one of the best kept celebrity secrets but now that it is out of the makeup bag,  you can look sexy and polished without even having to lift an eye-liner.

With semi-permanent makeup you can adapt colours as you age to ensure that you have a look that you feel comfortable with. Pigments blend well to create hundreds of different shades so you can virtually replicate any colours. Choose from strikingly bold to quietly understated glamour and you could look ten years younger. Yes, semi-permanent tattoos can emanate the look of a mini facelift, plus they are suitable for all skin types, and there is no age limit.

Try semi-permanent makeup and you will no longer dread having to wake up to see a Raggedy Ann in the mirror. Now you really can be the fairest of them all…What a beautiful way to start every day!

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