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Decorating a royal nursery

The Royal Wedding is over and that can only mean one thing: The tabloids are going to start tossing around the idea of a royal baby. Bets are that Kate Middleton (sorry, the Duchess of Cambridge) will be pregnant with Prince William’s (apologies, the new Duke of Cambridge’s) baby by the end of the year. Which got us thinking about a royal nursery and how the happy newlyweds may choose to decorate it. Here’s our advice to them.

1. Choose your theme.

We know, Will and Kate, many people will be clamouring for the attention of your wee one – and will probably tell you how to go about decorating your nursery, so to you, we say, start thinking about your nursery theme now. That way, when people nine months down the road start asking you, “How would you like to decorate the baby’s room?” you’ll have a firm answer, which no one will be able to argue with. The more ambivalent you are, the more likely someone else will be to take over the design of your baby’s room.

2. Stay fresh and modern.

If The King’s Speech is to be believed, the inside of Buckingham Palace (and most other royal homes) are decorated with lots of dark colours, florals, painted pictures of people we don’t really know and things that are gold. But that was then and this is now. Wills and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, you’re the fresh new face of the royal family – so please update the family’s household decor in the same way. Instead of dark colours, go for crisp and clean paint (greys and beiges are particularly hot right now). When it comes to decor, ditch the gold and reach for awesome silver (rattles and jewellery boxes!) from Tiffany’s & Co. In terms of art, why not hire Banksy to paint a really unusual mural on the nursery wall (that would surely give Charles and Camilla something to talk about).

3. Go green.

We know you both love nature (apart from your allergy to horses, Kate), so why not help the younger generation – who’re watching you prepare for life with baby – understand the importance of saving the environment by asking for eco-friendly baby presents? There are so many fun and chic environmentally friendly outlets to choose from,, etc.

4. Educate your child early.

Yes, you’ll be able to spend time reading to your royal bundle-of-joy before they pop out of the womb. And yes, you’ll likely be the parents who put headphones around Kate’s belly to ensure the baby receives some musical stimuli while still an embryo, but wouldn’t it be more fun – given you’re royalty – to have actual authors and award-winning musical acts perform for you and your baby-to-be? We bet Sir Elton John would do it. Beyoncé probably would, too.

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