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4 Craft activities perfect for day trips

Whether you just want to get away or you are looking for a new hobby, trying out these classes can ignite a passion in you somewhere that you didn’t know you had. Take a chance by yourself or with a loved one and maybe you will find your passion for cooking or photography. Here are 4 craft activities ideas perfect for a girlfriend roadtrip!

Ashburton Cookery School

Cookery schools may smack of the 1950s, but they are all the rage these days. As interest in cooking grows and food programs fill every television prime time slot, educating one’s self with better culinary skills has become terribly “en vogue.”

There is a vast array of excellent cooking schools across the country but our latest favourite is the Ashburton cookery school. Based in the rolling green and gorgeous hills of Devon, there is a huge choice of one day cookery courses that make for great days out, though week long programs are, of course, also available.

One day programs include a fabulous quick fire instructional on bread making which teaches excellent, easy-to-use recipes on walnut bread, olive bread and Roman Spelt to name but a few. Lunch is par for the course and you’ll leave thoroughly enriched. Other one day course titles include Butchery, Dinner parties and Family dinners. Prices start at £149. For further details call 0843 289 5555 or visit their website at

SLR and digital photography courses

As technology develops at a lightning speed it can be hard to keep on top of equipment these days. Photographs are such an integral part of our history but as the trend grows for uploading images onto computer, one can grow lazy about getting a grip on changing camera equipment.

However, there are some excellent one day photography courses held around the UK, designed to help one get a handle on SLR and digital technology.

Everything from close up and macro technology to underwater photography and beginners courses are available. And if you get really stuck, there are even one-to-one courses available. For more details log on to for information on courses in your area.

Creative breaks

Whether it’s painting or pottery, needlework to bookbinding you’re after, Creative Breaks, based in the Herefordshire area, has pretty much everything on offer from 1 day courses to two week holidays, depending on your schedule.

Based in the most idyllic of settings, this is the place to develop whatever crafty skill appeals to you in the most relaxing of surroundings.

Why sit on a beach this summer when you can come home just as relaxed and far more skilled in a new area of interest? Creative Breaks seeks to bring together artisans and craftsmen in varying areas from the surrounding areas of Herefordshire, offering tutelage to people of all skill sets keen to learn a new craft. For more information log on to or call 07813 871 019

Pottery classes

The Clay Centre in rural Shropshire comes up time and again as an premier place to hone one’s budding ceramic skills.

Offering either two hour courses or entire days of teaching, the Clay Centre hosts one-on-one courses, children’s parties (priced at £10 per child) and rolling courses for budding plate makers of every level, from entry beginners to skilled potters looking for further inspiration.

Set in the most gorgeous areas of England, a day of ceramics will give you as much of a break as any vacation. Log on to or call 01952882 909 for further information.

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