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Why using a headhunter will help you find the right job

Whether you have just graduated from University or are entering the workforce after a long time away from employment, you may find yourself a little lost on the job playing field. A great new trend is to hire a a headhunter to help you scout what’s out there put you in touch with employees. Here’s a few tips about using a headhunter to find the right job for you!

What is a Headhunter?

A headhunter is someone who provides jobs for those who are looking to be employed. A headhunter works with companies and individuals by making job connections. Essentially a headhunter is the middle man between you and a company. They do much of the legwork a company looking to hire someone would do; from making the first contact with qualified people to setting up the interviews and even negotiating contracts.

How do you use a headhunter?

Headhunters can help you because they know about jobs that are often not advertised in papers or places you would have access to. A headhunter will know what the employer is looking for and will put you in touch with the right organisations so that you prepare better for interviews, meetings with companies and anything else you can do to stand out among other job seekers. The headhunter will help you with networking and find an employer that matches your needs.

Where do I find a headhunter?

If you do not have much experience but would still like to find the best job in your field that you are qualified for, one of the best places to find headhunters is through a job placement service or employment agency. You can look through your telephone directory or online. Job boards such as Prospects can help you find both jobs and headhunters.

Once you have found a headhunter to work with, check in with them periodically so they will know that you are still looking. Once they have found something for you, you will be called in to be interviewed for the company. It is in the best interest of the headhunter to help you find a job with a company that will be beneficial for both you and the company.

Last minute reminder

While a headhunter can’t guarantee you a job, they can put you on the path of finding the perfect job for your skillset and your needs.

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