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How to survive the Great British Summer

The garden looks amazing, you are fake tanned to the max and the barbeque is almost ready. The heady scent of summer is in the air and you can smell the sizzle of sausages. Everything is perfect until it starts to rain, you have to pack everything away and retreat sheepishly indoors. Welcome to the wonderful world of the typical British Summer! After lots of experience as a hardy Northerner, there are a few reminders below on dealing with the temperamental weather we are so used to in the UK.

Don’t count on it!

The weather looks as if it will be fine for your planned party on Thursday night, it is still looking good on Friday afternoon but by teatime you are treated to a hefty shower. By the evening it is blowing a gale and the rain is crashing against the windows. From experience it is better to have a back up plan just in case the weather turns sour. Checking bbc weather regularly for updates also helps!

Keep your warmer clothes handy

Putting your wellies at the back of your wardrobe for safe keeping and packing away your winter clothes at the first glimmer of sunshine probably means that you will be rooting around in the loft the day after. Keep your essential items nearby to ensure you are fully prepared for any eventuality.

Take out insurance

If you are planning a wedding or an important event it may be worth looking into purchasing wedding insurance that covers inclement weather. Insurance against flooding may also be of benefit although it is important to do your research to get the right deal.

Make the most of the sunshine

Sunshine is guaranteed to turn into rain and wind eventually, so make the most of the rays when they are about. We all know that talking about the weather is a competitive sport in the UK and often when we do get a little sunshine we complain that it is too hot. Forget moaning about it, slap on some high factor sun cream to protect your underexposed skin and get out there and enjoy it!

Think work fashion

What is practical on holiday often might not look quite right in a UK office. Strappy vests and sandals are fantastic for an evening out in sunny Spain but could give your male colleagues a heart attack in the corridor. Save yourself a lawsuit and invest a little in your work wardrobe. John Lewis boasts a great collection of work wear to choose from and if you are on a tighter budget, Matalan and Marks and Spencer are a good choice.

Book a holiday

Being prepared for the challenges of the heat (or the rain) will mean that you will be better equip to deal with the temperamental British weather. However, if you really are struggling to survive, how about joining the rest of the estimated 17 million Britons that holiday in the sunshine every year? Ironically many of us will then spend the holiday checking the weather at home!

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