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Easy decorations for outdoor parties

If you’re celebrating and the weather’s gorgeous, why not take the party outdoors? Kids are free to run and play and yelp as loudly as they like. Spills are nothing to worry about. And no one has to cram together on a sofa because there’s nowhere else to sit. So now that you’re moving the party outdoors, how will you decorate? Here are some easy tips.

Food as decor

Keep it simple by using food as an edible decoration on your table. A tower of cupcakes can be eye-catching and mouthwatering. Something simple like a bowl of apples or oranges can be a healthier version. Buy seasonal fruits for the best bargain.


Blogger Susanna Scott of A Modern Mother and founder of British Mummy Bloggers uses balloons when she’s hosting an outdoor event. “I usually put a couple of balloons outside to show it is a party,” she says. They’re also great for an outdoor space to delineate what area of the park is yours and where the next party begins.


Popular blogger Laura from decorates outdoors with candles. “Most of our parties go on into the night and the most important thing I think is that the lighting is right. We use candles and lanterns to achieve a laidback party atmosphere.” Even during daylight, candles bring a certain easy elegance to the event. They can serve as more than just décor, too. If you purchase bug repellent ones, your partygoers will be comfortable and bite-free all party long.


Decoration doesn’t have to mean streamers and banners, which can be difficult to place outdoors. Just selecting your basic party goods with care can count. Your tablecloth, napkins, plates, and plastic cutlery don’t all have to come from a cheesy matched set to count as decoration. Be mindful of coordination and a general color palette when selecting your paper goods and you’ll have a gorgeous table with minimal effort.

Goodie bags

Use goodie bags or parting gifts as your centerpiece. A great way to keep this looking like a real style element as opposed to a bunch of bags plopped on the center of the table is to affix something natural from the outdoor space to each gift. Gathering them together will make for a pseudo floral arrangement. If you’re doing this in summer, a flower would be nice. In fall, maybe a gorgeous colored leaf.

Name cards

If you’re assigning seats, make the name cards grander than just a folded cardboard tent. You could use a glass with a small bud in it or if it’s on an especially warm day, a fan with your guests’ names on it could be cute.

These tips should get your outdoor decoration thoughts flowing. Now all we need is some proper partying weather!

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