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Redecorate on a budget

The global financial crisis might still be rearing its ugly head, but it doesn’t mean we can’t be budget savvy and get on with the things in life that we planned before the doom and gloom. SheKnows brings you some hip pocket friendly ideas to redecorate your home.


Ridding your home of the years upon years of mess and unnecessary pieces of furniture will expose the original beauty of your home – without even opening your wallet. Dedicate one weekend to de-cluttering, putting in some good old fashion elbow grease and developing your redecorating plans – making a list and drawings as you go.


The beauty of paint is that it makes a room look better straight away. If you take some time to plan the job, prepare your surfaces properly and get the right advice to DIY, it can also be very cost effective. Hit up the paint shop and ask for some colour samples. Stick to one colour throughout the home, but add depth by varying the tones slightly from room to room.

Update light fittings

A simple upgrade to your lighting may be a cheap way to breathe new life into your home, but it doesn’t have to look cheap! Down lights and energy saving globes looks chic and provide much more light than the regular single bulb. Just be sure to get at least three quotes on the electrical work in an attempt to keep the labour costs down.

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets and drawers

If it isn’t broken don’t fix it – is the motto when redecorating your home on a budget! Instead of replacing your entire kitchen, keep the carcass and update elements such as cabinet doors, drawer fronts and handles. Resurfacing cabinets and replacing handles is reasonably cost effective if you do it yourself (just remember to get the right advice from your local hardware store). Another option is hiring a carpenter or handyman to make and install new cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

Replacing your splashback or bench top

It’s out with those multicoloured tiles and in with a plain modern look. If you’re on a budget, go with a simple, single coloured tile and discuss different patterns with your tiler to add a unique effect. Seconds and spares outlets, auction houses and IKEA also have amazing options in regards to both splashbacks and bench tops which can be ordered to fit your space. Their installation costs can be expensive though, so consider using a handyman or DIY expert instead.


Replacing your blinds and curtains will re-frame your windows and complement your new paint job. Once again stores like IKEA and large commercial material and craft companies will offer cheap options, and the DIY installation is easy.

Remodel and recycle

In the spirit of saving money, think about whether you can refurbish any old pieces of furniture for a new look or utilise any old materials to make a funky new artwork (flick through art and home magazines for inspiration).

One person’s trash is another’s treasure

Hit up the thrift shops, auction houses, wholesalers and the weekend markets for a cheap way to find priceless pieces for your new look home. Check out for some ideas of where to go in your area. Be careful not to get carried away – keep your room measurements in mind and stick to one design theme in your home.

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