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How to keep your New Year’s resolutions going all year long

We’re already one month into 2015 and some of you may be feeling those resolutions starting to slip. Many believe it takes 21 days to turn something into a habit, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way for everyone.


t If you feel like your inspiration honeymoon is starting to fade, here are a few quick tips to bring back and keep your motivation.

  1. Put things into perspective: Ask yourself questions such as, “How will I feel if I don’t do this?”Why did I make this resolution?” What will my life be like in two years if I don’t stick to my commitment?” If you start to feel discouraged because you aren’t seeing immediate results, remember it takes hard work, time and dedication to see a change. Be patient and you will see results.
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  3. Visualize: If you start to lose sight of why you started, make a vision board and a weekly to-do list to post on your bedroom door or bathroom mirror. Your vision board can be a list of the goals you want to achieve, a collage of pictures that inspire you or even a mix of both. The to-do list should include several things you can do throughout the week that will help you move toward your goal and stick to your commitments. Do your best to cross off one task or goal each day so you go to bed feeling successful.
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  5. Stay active: Whether it’s for 30 minutes or if it’s for one hour, make sure you’re doing some sort of physical activity. Stop making excuses like “I’m tired,” “I don’t like working out” or “I don’t have time,” because exercise can benefit you in all areas of your life. Exercise will help reduce stress, make you more productive, increase your energy and gives you that little bit of “me time” you need every day. Do a HIIT circuit, Wii Fit, a workout video, take up a class or new sport such as kickboxing or Pilates or instead of dinner with friends do a workout challenge to your favorite TV show or movie. Incorporate some sort of physical activity into your daily routine and keep that motivation.
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  7. Celebrate: Plan short-term and long-term incentives for sticking to your goals. At the end of every two months treat yourself to something small, such as a trip to the spa, a new shirt you’ve been looking at, a wine tasting or go to a sporting event with friends. If you keep your commitment until the end of the year, reward yourself with something big!
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  9. Prioritize: No matter where you are in life, remember you come first. Take charge of your life and make your goals and commitments the top priority. Know when to say yes to going out with friends and when to say you need to stay in and save money.

Keep your thoughts positive, your attitude optimistic, stay confident and remember why you started. Stick to those resolutions for 48 more weeks and make 2015 a success!

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