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10 Cool watercolor tattoo ideas that will make you want one

These gorgeous, unique watercolor tattoos may inspire you to make a tattoo appointment today.

They look like someone took a paintbrush and applied watercolors to a striking image outlined on your skin. So, if you love splashes of color and you love tattoos, prepare to be inspired by these amazing watercolor tattoos we found.

1. Hummingbird

This amazing tattoo was based on a painting — I love it!

2. Elephant

A well-done tattoo incorporating some watercolor effect on a gorgeous black and gray elephant.

3. Dragonfly and flowers
This amazing colorful tattoo is a wonderful burst of color.

4. Spiral

A little abstract, a lot creative — I love how this design goes on both arms to create the overall effect.

5. Dog
I love the idea of tattooing your pet (or favorite breed) using a watercolor style.

6. Floral

This floral design is large, gorgeous and colorful.

7. Abstract

You can pick any imagery that has meaning to you and up the ante with the watercolor effect.

8. Cardinal in a tree

This amazing tattoo combines a few different elements to pull off a stunning effect.

9. Skull
This gorgeous skull blends a bit of the macabre with pure beauty.

10. Rose

The simplicity of a rose is heightened with a watercolor effect. Love it.

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