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Katy Perry’s outfits dominated the Super Bowl, like it or not

While both halftime and the game ended up being amazing, I think Katy’s outfits stole the Super Bowl. This seems to be the notion of fans across social media platforms, because comments on her performance and style pretty much broke the internet last night.

That’s not to say they were all complimentary. There was a ton of mockery happening on Twitter last night over Katy Perry’s four bold looks, and some of it was downright brilliant. I mean, let’s face it, she gave us a lot of ammo with a set of looks equivalent to the Miss America Pageant.

But knowing Perry, and how out there her costumes are on a regular basis, I don’t think she was fazed by these dubious reactions one bit. With that in mind, I took a look back at the four outfits in question, and based on the reactions they received from fans and haters alike, ranked them in order from “meh” to “yeah!”

4. The sweatshirt dress

Image: Giphy

So the reason I put this one last is because, a) it was the least memorable of the four, and b) Missy Elliott just couldn’t help but upstage it with her awesomeness. Even the designer Jeremy Scott recognized the difficulties that came along with this outfit.

“Ironically, this look was the hardest to make. It’s also the last one we imagined, because once we found out Missy Elliott was going to be performing with her, I was like, ‘Katy, you cannot be singing ‘Get Your Freak On’ in a giant beach ball bikini! We need to step it up.’ So we referenced Missy’s track suits and came up with this dress.”

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Thus this outfit made Katy the best looking backup dancer for Missy Elliott’s amazing performance, which is fine, since she gets her moment as a freaking shooting star by the end.

3. The beach ball dress

Image: Giphy

This whole number was just ridiculously awesome, from the shark backup dancers to the imogi-like trees and beach balls (guaranteed those will be popping up in texts soon), and Katy’s look made her the perfect 1960s beach go-go dancer spokes-model for it all. Scott said the most important part about this outfit was that it had to fit under her flame costume, because she had a quick transition into “Teenage Dream.”

While it was a magical world that was described by several as akin to a great acid trip, Katy was ultimately upstaged by her props. Hey, it’s hard to compete with singing, dancing sharks!

2. The Moschino star gown

The show-stopping finale outfit was all we could have hoped for and more. Not only was it covered in hand-sized glittering stars with a side slit cut dangerously high, Katy soared through the air in it while riding a comet that shot fireworks out its tail. Plus she’s actually singing “Firework” while fireworks are engulfing the opening of the stadium. Game over, right? This little number inspired this meme, for which several celebrities are currently taking credit.

1. The flame dress

Katy Perry Super Bowl Roar

Image: Giphy

And finally, the outfit that officially broke the internet, the flame dress. This was Katy’s first look, and she came out in it riding a giant animatronic lion for the ever so apropos opening number “Roar.” Who-wore-it-better pics immediately started flooding social media streams, including, but not limited to, Katniss in The Hunger Games, Guy Fieri’s flame shirt, and my personal favorite, Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory:

The reactions to this look in particular are some of the funniest, and most creative, and I think we have Katy and her designer Jeremy to thank for that. Her style did anything but disappoint, and I’m sure her performances will not be soon forgotten. It definitely made my top five list of all-time greatest Super Bowl halftime performances. So for the win, here are some more of the best responses to her fantastic production and fashion feats.

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