10 Reasons the office bathroom is just the worst

The office bathroom is a place where things happen that maybe shouldn’t be repeated. But if the walls could talk, here’s what they would say.

1. During the office holiday party

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You think nobody knows that you and your cubicle neighbor hooked up that night? The office bathroom knows.

2. That time the stomach flu went around

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Some gigs should require hazard pay. Remember this the next time you’re in the office bathroom.

3. The guy with the terrible aim

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Not cool, dude. Not cool.

4. The gossip club

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No matter how quietly you whisper about all those juicy rumors floating around the office, the bathroom hears all.

5. So many selfies

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Nobody needs to see you making yet another duck face. Also, there have to be better places than the office bathroom to take that Instagram pic.

6. The stand off

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Two people enter with one goal: “number two.” Both settle into position, hoping that the other only has “number one” on the mind. Then it becomes a stand off to see who will leave first and who will claim the crown.

7. That smell

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Everybody denies it’s his or her fault, but the bathroom always knows who the culprit is.

8. The creeper

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There’s always that one person who “accidentally” opens the door when the stall is occupied.

9. The one who didn’t quite make it

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You rush and rush, but sometimes you just don’t make it in time. The bathroom remembers.

10. Desperate measures

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Remember the time you discovered there was no toilet paper and you did something you never want to think of again? So does the office bathroom.

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