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3 Women share how they turned their passion into their career (VIDEO)

How do you turn your passion into a career? We asked three women what matters to them, and how they made it a priority in their success.

“My passion is storytelling,” said SheKows Expert Laura Fahrentold. “When my husband suddenly and immediately passed away, I became my own story.” Find out how she used her storytelling to heal and help others.

Akliah Hughes is a writer, comedian and YouTuber in NYC. “Look at your life and your experiences. If there’s ever a moment where you feel like, ‘This is something I could do for the rest of my life without making a dollar…. Then I think that’s your passion.” Find out the number one piece of advice she would give to anyone looking for success.

Lisa Stone is one of the co-founders of BlogHer. “When I first started blogging, I was amazed at the talent that I saw everywhere. Some of the world’s best voices, photographers, expert humorists, recipe writers, fashionistas are coming in to me from my blog and Facebook stream every day.” Find out why Lisa continues to pursue those voices every day.

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