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Why women are super fans when it comes to football

Traditionally, women have been on the sidelines when it comes to football. Though we cheerleaders, past and present, absolutely love cheering on our favorite team, we have a lot more to offer than a rah rah!


t We are super fans and there is no better place to show off our all-around enthusiasm for the turf, the hard hits and the flea-flicker that leads to six points than the Super Bowl.

t These days, women are more than the sex objects in the most popular Super Bowl commercial. We are offensive play callers and defensive coordinators that not only understand the terminology, pray for the audibles when we see the Tight End move but can often out-call our male counterparts with ease.

t The Super Bowl offers us a chance to show off our super fandom to all who will watch. No longer interested in sitting in the kitchen talking to the other wives, we want to put a dip in the crock pot, let everyone serve themselves on paper plates and jump into all of the excitement there is to offer.

The commercials

t Despite the fact that the Super Bowl generally has the most concentrated display of sexist commercials featuring tiny shorts and breasts galore, women are just as excited to see them as the men. I have a mandatory “no talking” rule during Super Bowl commercials. Though I may not go right out and buy everything that is advertised, I will laugh and feel and enjoy every single one. Just like everyone else.

The food

t Yes, it is a basic understanding that the women of the house usually make the food. But since we are wanting to watch the game instead of a boiling pot, we are all fine with the fast appetizers and food that are banned for the rest of the year so that our arteries can recover. I generally give myself permission to eat anything I want on Super Bowl Sunday and then worry about it on Monday. Who does not love a greasy, chunky sausage cheese dip to savor?

The competition

t Women are competitive. Though it is generally thought that women compete with each other more than men, Super Bowl Sunday is all’s fair in football. I love being able to compete and win on my point of view on calls, flags and more. I generally impress the men around me and have been told that I could successfully coach a team. I think the man who said that had a crush on me but I would dare to say that women love the competition with the men in their lives almost as much as the competition on the field.

The excitement

t Yelling, screaming, laughing, food, family, friends and a Sunday afternoon. The excitement of the event is contagious and we are so ready to be a part of it!

t Women are super fans of the Super Bowl now more than ever! How are you showing your football spirit this year?

Image: Michael B. Via Flickr

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