7 Little freebies for the penny-pincher in all of us

Who doesn’t love to save money? These amazing tips from Reddit can teach you how to beat the system and pocket some extra dough.

Nobody wants to spend money on a service call, air for their tires, extra nuggets or expensive prescription glasses. A smart Redditor posted an amazing question: “What ‘one weird trick’ does a profession ACTUALLY hate?” The question garnered a ton of responses that you’d expect, but surprising benefits began to spring up — namely, ways to avoid wasting your hard-earned money.

As a homeowner, there isn’t much worse than the sinking feeling you experience when an appliance goes on the fritz, or your downspout blows away, or your roof leaks. Since most of us are not skilled in general repairs, we have to pony up and pay the experts, and we always wonder in the back of our minds if we’re being taken advantage of.

And then you have to deal with buying things that can be found much cheaper elsewhere. Of course, not every home repair can be DIYed, and, in fact, most of them probably can’t be, but sometimes there are tricks that you never knew about that can save headaches — and your wallet.

1. Fix your garbage disposal yourself

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One commenter says, “Most disposal problems can be fixed with a few turns of an allen wrench on the underside of the disposal (it manually fixes jams).” Another Redditor suggests looking for a manual reset button located on the bottom as well.

2. Prepay for your hospital stay

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Hospital procedures and stays can be horribly expensive if you don’t have insurance (and sometimes they are even if you do). Here’s an amazing suggestion: “Ask your hospital if the(y) have a prepaid discount for most of their procedures.” He relates the story about how he and his wife had no maternity insurance when they had their two children and was able to pay up-front, in cash, nearly $10,000 less than if they had waited to be billed.

3. Check the “safety eye” on your garage door opener

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One Redditor relates learning something after working in the garage door business. “So many times we’d get calls out ‘My garage door isn’t closing’. Get to the house and there is a leaf in front of the safety eye. Before calling, make sure A.) there isn’t anything obstructing the safety eye, B.) the unit isn’t unplugged.”

4. Ask a gas station attendant to turn on the air to inflate your tires

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In some states, this will actually work, and you can leave your money at home. “At gas stations (at least in my state), they have to turn on the air for you to inflate your tires if you ask,” shares a commenter. “No need to put quarters in the machine!”

5. Order your eyeglasses online

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A commenter shares that you can take your eyeglasses prescription and order glasses — frames and lenses — online at Zenni Optical. For cheap. Really cheap.

6. Buy your textbooks online

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A college student shares the following gem: “A lot of $200.00+ science textbooks can be bought from India or sites like Abebooks.com for maybe 90% off, and the content, right down to the practise homework exercises at the back of the book is the same (about 95% of the time). Me and my buddies saved at least $3000 each on books this way.” Others suggest looking for the book in PDF form online.

7. Do not, however, mess with your home electrical system

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Some tasks are definitely best left to the experts. Take this warning to heart — one writer comments: “The electric company does actually hate a lot of the ‘one weird tricks’ because a lot of those weird tricks can actually cause what we refer to as ‘one weird death’ when someone gets electrocuted by some asshat’s electrical nightmare, bulls*** capacitor scheme.”

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