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5 Tried-and-true ways to get yourself out of a funk

Jeannie Mai

There’s that good get-your-groove-on funk (I’m talking to you Bruno Mars) and that bad can’t-get-your-booty-off-the-couch funk. Today’s challenge? Turn the bad to good and get your groove back, Stella.


t When you’re in a funk, you’re feeling down, you’re feeling lazy and you’re feeling like it just isn’t worth it to look good, move right, stand tall and let your fabulousness shine.

t It’s problem-solving time.

1. Turn on the light

t “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.” Dumbledore’s got it right. Who knew? In your darkest times, when the funk is coming on hard, almost any light can lift your mood, but natural sunlight is best. So get outside and catch some rays to brighten your days. Trite, but true.

2. Turn off the light

t Recent research suggests that, although you need to soak in the sunlight, when you’re ready to sleep it should be lights out quite literally. Even a little bit of light, such as from a night light, your cell phone (ahem… I’m guilty) or a television (even if dialed to mai show), can mess you up. It isn’t quite clear yet what’s happening, but it appears that when it isn’t completely dark when you sleep, your brain changes just a little bit, and that little change can have a big effect on your mood. Hamsters who didn’t get their nice dark beauty sleep stopped enjoying the good things in life. Don’t be a sad hamster. Toss the night light just in case the research is fully transferable to humans.

3. Get on up (thank you, James Brown)

t Let’s talk endorphins. Endorphins are natural substances produced by your body during vigorous exercise. They are responsible for the “runner’s high” and for the general feeling of well-being and even euphoria you feel after a good workout. Want to junk the funk? James Brown was right, get on up and get your body moving. The endorphins will lighten your mood, the exercise will tighten your butt. Happy and hot, how chic!

4. Get out

t Don’t stay cooped up alone. Friends, family, coworkers and even that slightly annoying barista all can unknowingly help you to fight the funk. Interacting with others makes a person feel connected and stimulates your body and brain. Stimulation is good; it invigorates your funk-fighting body functions. Even better? Do something fun with others; fun begets fun and you won’t even notice as it lifts your mood.

5. Get away

t People talk about getting stuck in a funk, like some sort of quicksand is holding them down in a place they don’t want to be yet can’t seem to leave. We’ve talked about physically getting away, but you need to get away mentally too. Distract yourself. Do something new. Try the chorizo. Introduce yourself to the guy who moved into 3B. Get off at a different subway stop. Take the kids to a concert. Climb Kilimanjaro. Learn to play the ukulele. Stimulating your brain in new ways breaks the cycle that gets you sunk in a funk.

t So, get on up, get on out!

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