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#LikeAGirl ad to air during the Super Bowl and we’re thrilled

Confession: Every time I watch the Always #LikeAGirl commercial, it makes me cry. No, really. Every. Time.

Which is why it’s so fantastic to hear that Always is bringing back a shortened version of its viral #LikeAGirl ad for Super Bowl XLIX.

For all the hype surrounding the NFL’s own PSA against domestic violence, for my money, this one-minute-long ad will go a lot further to help women. We need to build up women’s perceptions of themselves so they know they’re worth more than a crappy relationship. It’s incredible to think our girls lose so much of their own sense of power and worth once they hit puberty. This ad gives us a good starting point to try to fight against their loss of self-worth.

Bravo, Always. Doesn’t it make you feel good about all the money you’ve spent on its products over the years?

Here’s a cool interview with Lauren Greenfield, the director of the video, if you’d like to know more about the women and ideas behind the commercial.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch the ad again and have a good cry.

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