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Clitoris ring is the latest ‘feminist’ style statement

What you think of as your clitoris is really just the “tip” of the iceberg. This thought-provoking new ring is here to remind you of that.

If you ask most women what the clitoris is, they’ll probably tell you it’s a cute little pleasure button located, well, somewhere. It seems unfair that men get to carry around an appendage so relatively large compared to their bodies that they can, literally, orgasm if they bump into the mattress the wrong way in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, most of us have to work at it, concentrate, and pray the “button” gets pressed with just the right amount of pressure and speed.

Who would have thought a pretty silver ring would serve as a reminder of just how little credit the clit gets for being a major pleasure zone?

Penelopi Jones has created the Internal Clitoris ring — and it is exactly what it sounds like: an accessory designed to look like the internal structure of the clitoris. Penelopi admits most people will likely mistake it for a dragonfly at first, but imagine how fun it will be to tell Aunt Mary that the reason Uncle Harry makes her a very happy woman has pretty much everything to do with your ring.

Just thinking about the looks on people’s faces when they ask about your clitoris ring, and ask they will because it’s a true conversation piece, makes it well worth the $122 price tag ($490 if you want 14K solid gold). Can you think of a better, more subtle but effective way of reminding your loved one where his fingers belong? It’s the modern equivalent of dropping our handkerchiefs all over the road so we can passive-aggressively pick up men. It’s genius.

As far as looks go, it took me a few minutes to get past the fact that the ring kind of resembles a turkey wishbone or some symbol related to Star Trek. But that actually made me appreciate my magical clitoris even more.

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