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Pics of mystery man shoveling snow off Boston Marathon finish line go viral

While the Northeast was hunkered down waiting for #Snowpocalypse2015 and Juno to pass, one man ventured outside to care for an important Boston landmark: the Boston Marathon finish line.

No one is sure of the man with the snow shovel’s identity, but his simple act has captured people’s attention.

The pictures of the gesture are going viral. Instagram user KelseyKarkos was the one to snap the poignant picture. She said it was totally spontaneous.

“I do not know the man shoveling,” she comments on her post. “He saw me looking for the finish line while he was shoveling the sidewalk. He knew exactly what I was looking for and came over to help me! Such a great person with some Boston spirit during the blizzard! I wish I knew his name!”

The Boston Marathon finish line has become a symbol of persistence and strength in the face of adversity after it became the site of a gruesome attack that killed three people and injured more than 250 while the marathon was being held in April 2013. The Boston Marathon bombing even sparked its own hashtag, #BostonStrong.

Which is why these images of a solitary man shoveling that finish line in the snow are so powerful. Not letting a pristine blanket of snow block out what’s important and meaningful to that city is a proud, bold and beautiful statement. That it was unplanned is just poetic. It’s as if even Mother Nature couldn’t stop Boston from being exactly who they are.

Does anyone recognize this guy who wields a mean snow shovel? We’re dying to find out.

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