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12 Inventive home products that make cleaning suck less

Let’s be honest, cleaning sucks! But don’t worry, it can suck less with these 12 products meant to make your daily chores a heck of a lot easier.

1. Baseboard buddy

baseboard buddy

Not a fan of getting on your hands and knees to clean your baseboards? Baseboard buddy ($20) has come to your rescue! This ingenious product scrubs your baseboards to look brand new with little to no effort on your part.

2. Scrap trap

scrap trap

Chop veggies or butter your bread without the mess. Now instead of scraping crumbs into a pile that ends up half on your hands and half on the floor, the scrap trap allows you to shovel everything into one convenient tool (Amazon, $13).

3. Daddy Grill cleaning brush

daddy grill cleaner

If you thought steam cleaners were for clothes and floors only, you were wrong! The Daddy Grill cleaning brush uses the power of steam cleaning to remove food, grease and residue with a few simple strokes (Williams Sonoma, $60).

4. Bottle cleaners

bottle cleaner

Cleaning out a bottle is hard work, especially when it has a narrow lid. These edamame-shaped bottle scrubbers make washing as easy as pie. Simply drop the scrubber in the bottle with a drop of soap, then shake, rinse and remove (Moma Store, $12).

5. Retractable clotheslines


Save hard-earned cash on laundry costs by investing in one of these retractable clothes lines (Lee Valley & Veritas, $22 – $43). Keep in a laundry space to retract up to two to four clotheslines depending on your needs.

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6. Sectioned cooking pan

frying pan

No need to wash two or more pans when cooking — a sectioned cooking pan allows you to cook three entrees with one pan (Amazon, $18). With this gadget, it will make cooking easier than ordering takeout!

7. Remote control mop

remote mop

Save time and energy when scrubbing your floors by using this amazing remote control mop (Amazon, $50). Best for smaller cleaning projects, this gadget makes mopping a nearly effortless task.

8. Stemware savers

stemware savers

Wine connoisseurs no longer need to worry about broken stemware in the dishwasher. With these stemware savers, you can have your wine and drink it too (Quirky, $8).

9. Eye-vac

eye vac

Bid your old, used and abused dustpan farewell and say hello the Eye-vac, an awesome stand-up, portable and electronic dustpan that allows you to sweep all of your debris into one convenient place (Wayfair, $119).

10. Microfiber cleaning slippers


Dust your floor with ease by slipping on these awesome microfiber cleaning slippers (Amazon, $15). A simple way to keep your floors looking spic and span without the backache.

11. Rubbermaid paint buddy

paint buddy

Save money and precious space by storing leftover paint in the Rubbermaid paint buddy (Amazon, $60). An amazing and small device, the paint buddy allows you to touch up paint with the push of a button.

12. Cyber clean

cyber clean

Keep your keyboard germ free with Cyber Clean. A resourceful putty, Cyber Clean can be used for nearly any home office product including your phone, camera and more (Office Depot, $9).

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