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9 Affordable and adorable rings that only look expensive

Often jewelry equals expensive, and if you are anything like me pieces get old pretty quickly. While I love having an abundance of jewelry at my disposal, specifically rings, I do not like the high price tags that drain my bank account.


tPointed Faux Leather Ring Set (Forever 21, $6)
Cassia Mlti Pack Stack Ring Set (, $8)
12-Pack Rings (H&M, $5)

t Any ring can essentially be stacked, however packs with a mixture of midi rings and traditional rings are a great way to effortlessly create a chic, expensive look and all the work is already done for you. Whether you mix metals or alternate between thin and thick bands there is no wrong way to stack rings. Here are the same stacked rings dressed up and dressed down.


tBecky Pearl Detail Ring (, $5)
Faux Pearl Multi-finger Ring (Forever 21, $4)
Faux Pearl Cutout Ring (Forever 21, $4)

t Pearls have always been an indication of glamour and prestige, and right now they are in, big time! Between the current pearl 360 stud trend and gigantic pearl necklaces taking over the jewelry market, you will be sure to stand out with a pearl or two adorning your finger.


tCara Armour Statement Ring (, $4)
Demi Statement Crystal Stone Ring (, $10)
14th and Union Infinity Pave Ring (Nordstrom Rack, $10)

t Statement rings have always been in; currently large stones and mixed metals are the way to go. Wear them alone or add some slimmer stackable rings to up the ante.

t Finding pieces that appear more expensive then they are is the way to go in the ring department, because you can never have too many and they provide so many options for mixing and matching that you will never bore of them. Above are the three ring styles every lady should have in her jewelry box, each under $10!

t xo, Jasmin

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