Dear Kitten Super Bowl ad nails our ‘Big Game’ antics (VIDEO)

The latest in the Friskies Dear Kitten commercial series tackles “The Big Game.” And they nail it. Again.

If you’ve ever worried that your pets are judging you, you might not want to watch this video. Because everything Older Cat says (er, thinks?) in his latest attempt to teach the newcomer, Kitten, about the ways of the humans is so spot-on that you might never be able to look at your cat the same way again. The subject at hand in this Dear Kitten lesson is “The Big Game.”

Older Cat, in his ever-so-calm-and-collected voice that reminds me of Will Ferrell but is actually Ze Frank, reviews the ridiculous ways humans go about celebrating The Big Game, including moving “every single thing that we sleep on” into one room around the “light box” (television) and then proceeding to “take up as much room as possible.” Older Cat even mocks how the humans sit with their “big bellies.”

He goes on to say that consuming “human moist food” is another big part of The Big Game activities, comparing this task to bocce — saying he’s not sure if the objective is to get the food into the “mouth hole” but believes perhaps the humans get points for “being close.” All the while, the video displays what messy, messy beings we are.

Older Cat continues to hilariously attack the humans’ oddities throughout the entire 3:39-minute (worth every second!) commercial-not-commercial, touching on everything from the “costumes” and cheering to the consumption of “strange metal cylinders” (ahem, beer) that suck out the humans’ intelligence. Well played, Older Cat!

Naturally Older Cat ends the commercial by teaching Kitten the proper way to achieve their goal — getting the wet food. And how do they accomplish that? By interrupting The Big Game festivities, of course.

If you’ve not yet seen any of the Dear Kitten commercials from Purina’s Friskies wet food brand, do yourself a favor: Watch. Them. All. They are seriously hilarious, even if you’re not a “cat person.” We can’t wait to see what Friskies comes up with for its next Dear Kitten video.

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