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7 Life hacks when you need more hands

It may not be possible to add a third hand to your body, but there are ways to free up your hands. Here are seven life hacks to give you a bit more freedom to multitask.

1. The hanger trick

hanger trick

Next time you purchase a pair of dress slacks, don’t let the retailer take the hanger. Clip hangers make for a great way to clip on a reference guide on your computer. Perfect for college students or any of us who like to take our work home with us. After I tried it, I wondered exactly how silly I would look if I took the hanger to my 9 to 5, as this hack seems to have some serious potential.

2. Arm sock

Arm band

Forgot your go-to arm band for the gym? Take an extra sock (unused, of course) and use it to hold your iPod. Leg warmers will also do the trick without restricting any of your much needed blood flow while pumping iron.

3. Snacks on the go


Free up your hands and keep your car clean by using cupcake liners in your vehicle’s cup holders. Sure, you can totally throw your snacks and change in your cup holders without the liners, but why would you risk it? Plus, keeping your munchies out of your lap and in a cup holder is so much safer than trying to maneuver a left-hand turn and a phone call.

4. Rubber band in the AC vent


While we’re on the topic of car safety, we might as well note that holding your iPhone while driving is a big safety no-no. And while we know that you aren’t worried about texting and driving, those of you with Bluetooth may still want to go tap-tap on your phone while keeping your eyes on the road. Change your music by using a rubber band to hold your device to the AC vent.

5. Sunglasses prop


Since not all of us have an iPad, sometimes we need to catch up on our favorite shows with our iPhone. Not the most practical device, it can get super-annoying hanging the 8-pound noggin down just to watch Netflix on a tiny screen. Fix that problem by propping your phone up with a pair of sunglasses. As you can tell by this photo, it really does work!

6. Plastic bag viewing

plastic bag

Whether you’re a backseat passenger for a road trip or getting ready to kick back on an airplane, this hack is for you. With help from a plastic bag and binder clip, you can watch your streamed movies hands-free. And if you can’t listen out in the open, rotate your plastic baggie 90 degrees to stick out a pair of headphones.

7. Spaghetti light


OK, so this life hack doesn’t exactly free up your hands, but it does certainly save them. You’ll never have to worry about burning your fingertips while attempting to start a deep candle wick by using a spaghetti noodle. Tried and tested, the noodle doesn’t burn long, but it certainly does the trick.

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