13 Completely ridiculous Big Game FAILS that made us LOL

If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party this year, you undoubtedly want to score points with friends for throwing a killer bash. So allow us to help — let these hilariously bad party fails be a cautionary tale for your own fete.

1. I hope they got a credit

Super Bowl Fail

Image: Instagram/roselynn1217

It’s hard to have a Super Bowl party without the actual Super Bowl. Make sure your cable provider is up to snuff, lest you wind up watching reruns of Desperate Housewives instead.

2. Don’t be this guy

Super Bowl Fail

Image: Instagram/oinks_putting_it_in_dry

Don’t forget the two most important rules of hosting a Super Bowl party: Friends don’t let friends drink and drive, and friends don’t let friends drink and get tattoos. Especially when said tattoo is of the “winning” team… that doesn’t wind up winning.

3. No use crying over spilled nachos

Super Bowl Fail

Image: Instagram/aeelanator

Oh, man, that’s the worst. It would be wrong to want to scrape up the buffalo cheesy goodness off the door, no?

4. Clarification never hurt anyone

I mean, I don’t know what everyone is so bummed out about. I think a bowling party sounds like a blast. Still, maybe make sure the “bowl” party you are headed to involves actual football.

5. Ain’t no party like a tiny grill party

Super Bowl Fail

Image: Instagram/josedoesit

‘Cause a tiny grill party don’t stop. Well, at least not until the seven chunks of charcoal that fit inside of it burn out. I don’t think it’s any coincidence this is a party of one.

6. I think this classifies as a fumble

Super Bowl Fail

Image: Instagram/kdmiller13

You know, as long as they taste good, this party could still be redeemed. But, for future reference, maybe have a standby roll of premade cookie dough in the fridge. You know, just in case.

7. Maybe don’t get quite so fired up

Super Bowl Fail

Image: Instagram/patgcomedy

It’s one thing to be on fire for your team; it’s another thing to literally be on fire, guys. If your Super Bowl party includes tailgating of any kind, let’s practice fire safety, mmmkay?

8. Call the exterminator, bro

Aw, jeez! Nothing can ruin a Super Bowl party faster or more efficiently than party-crashing cockroaches. Essh. Blech.

9. There are so many things wrong with this setup, we can’t even…

Super Bowl Fail

Image: Instagram/angelaferz

The little grill… the tiny wooden tray table now charred beyond recognition… the fact that it looks like they could be in the CVS parking lot. It’s time to step up your game, folks.

10. It ain’t easy being cheesy

Super Bowl Fail

Image: Instagram/nlvaden

If your mozzarella sticks more closely resemble molten ice cream sandwiches than anything Italian or edible, chances are you should just bite the bullet and call a caterer for your Super Bowl party.

11. On the other hand…

Super Bowl Fail

Image: Instagram/partyfailextra

Even if your fried food does look exactly like it is supposed to, you may still need to call a caterer. If your appetizers could block the arteries in an elephant, pursue Plan B. I repeat — avert, avert.

12. Mental note No. 1: chairs

Super Bowl Fail

Image: Instagram/bigbluegators

Whether you are throwing your party in a parking lot or in your living room, a good rule of thumb is, um, furniture. Make sure you and your guests actually have somewhere soft to park your tushes for kickoff.

13. Well, that’s unfortunate

On the plus side, she won’t have to worry about buying an air freshener for her car for quite some time. Who doesn’t love the smell of chili in the morning?

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