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8 Amazing things your kids wish you’d add to their rooms right now

Your kids would love to have a dream bedroom, and honestly, you’d probably love to make it happen. These crazy, over-the-top additions to a child’s room are a child’s dream come true.

These ideas will guarantee that you will have the coolest house on the block.

1. A slide

What kid wouldn’t want a slide in their room? What a great way to wake up, hop down the slide and begin your day.

2. Secret room

What’s better than a secret room in your child’s room? It can be as simple as removing a closet door, or as elaborate as actually moving part of a wall and building a secret passage.

3. LEGO bedroom walls

In addition to your regular LEGO tables, bins and play areas, why not do the walls, too? Just install an entire wall’s worth of LEGO baseplates (or cover all four walls!) to create the most amazing play surface ever.

4. Built-in study space

This amazing study space pairs nicely with a gorgeous, trendy loft bed.

5. Loft bed for their friends

Your child’s friends won’t have to worry about bringing a sleeping bag over when there’s a built-in loft bed in their room.

7. Princess carriage

This adorable princess carriage doubles as a bed. Sweet dreams, Princess!

8. Tire swing

Don’t worry about finding a tree in the yard to hang a tire swing from — just put one in his room.

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