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14 Snow hacks to help you win at winter

Winter can be pretty, but it can also be a medieval mess. If you’re living anywhere in the Northeast today, I’m sure you can attest to that. But never fear, we have some super-useful snow hacks for you that should come in handy, whether you’ve been given the day off or must bravely face the frigid outdoors.

1. Hate an icy windshield? Pretreat it with vinegar!

Image: ellenm1 via Flickr

The trick is to do this before it snows.

2. Inside and still chilly? Try making your own Snuggie!

Image: Andreas Love Storm Fausko via Flickr

Silly-looking? Yes. Dumb idea? Definitely not. Instructions here.

3. Feeling chilly but hate bulky long johns? Try a thick pair of tights!

Image: Getty Images

I know, I know… If you’re a dude, you’re going, “Yeah, sure. I’m going to put on some tights.” But just look at how free this guy feels! Come on, you know you want that.

4. Snow on your doorstep (or roof)? Use a broom to clear it off!

Image: Deb Showning via Flickr

Sounds totally obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people think snow removal requires more muscle. If you’ve just got powder without ice, a broom will work wonders.

5. If you must trek outside, stuff your boots with those magical, red, superabsorbent shop towels auto mechanics use.

Image: akellzz via Flickr

You can find these awesome things at Walgreens, CVS, Target or any catchall convenience store. Not only do they keep you dry, but they add another layer of warmth around your toes!

6. Forgot to get snow tires? Throw some cat litter in the car in case you get stuck in a drift.

Image: Gabriel F. W. Koch via Flickr

Sounds weird, but it totally works.

7. Tops of garbage cans make excellent sleds.

Image: angelmama1919 via Flickr

If you’ve been granted a snow day and you don’t have an actual sled, use a garbage can lid! Just make sure you wipe it down first, because ew.

8. Electricity out? Keep things cold in the snow outside.

Image: Glen H via Flickr

As you can see, snow also makes the perfect beer cozy.

9. Stuck at home? Bake things!

Image: sofia via Flickr

While you’re baking leave the oven door open, and fill your space with yummy-smelling warmth.

10. Use the warm oven to heat up socks

Image: marc via Flickr

You can also put your socks and mittens on tinfoil in the oven to warm them up before heading outside.

11. Lonely? Build a snowman drinking buddy!

Image: matteo franchi via Flickr

You can talk to him for hours, and he never judges you. If only all your friends could be so great.

12. Make your own smartphone-friendly gloves.

Image: Getty

Seriously, it’s real, and it’s super easy. Simple instructions here.

13. ChapStick can help get rid of dry, cracked fingers.

Image: Lindsay William-Ross via Flickr

I mean, you have it on you anyway, so why not use it in more ways than one?

14. Make a terra-cotta pot heater when your heat’s not cutting it.

Image: Michael Aaronson via Flickr

Weird, but it totally heats an entire room!

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