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German Shepherd works out with owner, puts us all to shame (VIDEO)

If this dog is currently working out more than you, perhaps it’s time to hit the gym.


Look, if we’re going to be nit-picky (and also try to make ourselves feel better about the fact we have exercised zero minutes today and this dog has likely already done a circuit for the day), we should point out that some of his form was off. Really gotta push through the heels on those lunges, buddy.

But credit where credit is due, he was really killing it with those push-ups (yeah, we’re going to go ahead and ignore the fact they were referred to as “girly push-ups; a push-up is a push-up). He might not be Tracy Anderson, but we would probably be a little more eager to feel the burn if this dog was our trainer. Although, it might be a tad embarrassing when we likely start panting more than the dog.

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