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14 Genius ways to turn a door into extra storage space

Whether you’re short on square footage or just have too much stuff, a door can be a great place to store extra stuff. Here are 14 ideas on how to utilize your door for maximum organization.

1. Kid station

cork board

Image credit: 11 Magnolia Lane

Organized moms can rejoice using a cork board and wire crate idea to store lunch boxes, water bottles and more on the pantry door.

2. Extra pantry space

wire crates

Image credit: Young House Love

Pantry didn’t come with as much room as you need? Pick up an over-the-door storage rack for spices, drinks and other light items.

3. Rails for accessories


Image credit: Wayside Sacraments

Ikea does it again. No, the FINTORP rails aren’t just for hanging kitchen items, they work excellently for hats, scarves and other accessories. Combine with shower clips to hang items or just drape them over a rail that’s been attached to the inside or outside of a door.

4. Ironing station

ironing board

Image credit: Simplicity in the South

No need to lug out your ironing board every time you need to do the laundry. Keep all of your gear in one place by hanging your board and neatly storing your starch and other ironing needs.

5. Baby changing area

baby gear

Image credit: The Avid Appetite

Another great idea using a wall rack on the back of a door, this baby changing area looks nice, neat and organized.

6. Crafty corner

crafty door

Image credit: Simplicity in the South

An excellent combination of various storage methods, this craft station is organized beyond compare. Utilizing a plastic shoe organizer, peg board, wire racks and a small parts organizer, you can fit a lot of stuff into one space.

7. Metal crates & things

metal crates

Image credit: The Baloney Bug

Mesh bins are perfect for a linen or bedroom closet. Stuff socks, hats, scarves, belts… literally anything for a simple way to add extra room in an otherwise cramped space.

8. DIY shelves

diy closet storage

Image credit: Pink Toes & Power Tools

Save a few dollars by creating a shelf on your closet door rather than buying one. Great for stuffed animals, purses, dry goods, etc., you can learn how to make yours here.

9. Metal + magnets = Perfection

metal and magnets

Image credit: Organizing Made Fun

It doesn’t take much to create extra storage on your door using a sheet of metal and magnets. Use in the kitchen for spices or in your bathroom for makeup. And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be boring! Sheet metal comes in a variety of designs and sizes and can always be covered by fabric for a more personalized style.

10. Above the door

above the door

Image credit: The 2 Seasons

Storage doesn’t have to be limited to the door itself — you can always DIY extra space above it as well. An excellent option for towels or all of those extra hygiene items from your extreme couponing days.

11. Bags, bags and more bags

bag storage

Image credit: Play Chic Interiors

Hooks and personalized tote bags are another amazing way to store items on a door. Label each for toys or accessories, hang and voilà, cute but efficient organization.

12. Going woodsy

peg board

Image credit: Family Handyman

To limit the holes you put inside your closet door, drill a large piece of wood into the inside of the door. From there, you can hang baskets, hooks, magnet strips, nails and other organization tools for a convenient way to hang whatever you please.

13. Getting artsy

door hooks

Image credit: Pinterest Inspiration

Towel racks aren’t just for the bathroom anymore. Hang one, two or three behind (or on the side of) a door to display artwork or store extra paperwork in the office.

14. Going commando

command hooks

Image credit: Hi Sugarplum!

Don’t worry, we’re not referring to dropping your drawers… just saving room in them! Add a few command hooks to hang hair accessories, jewelry and more.

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