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Fake dog prank tricks mom every time and it’s so good (VIDEO)

What’s a boy to do with a realistic-looking fake dog given to him as a gift? Scare his mom literally every time she comes around the corner, of course.
I have to admit I was at first skeptical about whether the “Scaring My Mom with a Fake Dog” video would really make me LOL-cry, as so many YouTube videos are wont to do. But boy, did I underestimate the hilarity of a simple bait-and-switch gag that could provide endless hours of entertainment.

The basic gist of the prank is this: According to YouTuber Jomboy Videos, he bought his little brother a fake dog for his birthday. Their mother was not a fan, possibly because this fake dog is much, much too realistic. According to the video description, the strategically placed fake dog was used to scare their mom a minimum of five times in three minutes. The video captures 50 seconds of this fun.

Mom is first scared by the angry, German shepherd-looking fake dog as she comes in the door with groceries. She screams, realizes her mistake and yells at her sons. Rinse and repeat.

Mom is scared again just one minute later when she comes out of her room and sees the very lifelike fake dog that has been placed in the hallway. She screams and yells at her sons once she realizes she’s been had again. Even though Mom keeps getting scared over and over as the fake dog changes location, she’s humble enough to laugh about how ridiculous she looks.

If there’s one thing I take away from this video, it is that fake dogs are scary, y’all. As a mother, I would be righteously pissed if my sons used their valuable time to prank me with a pretty scary-looking stuffed animal.

The fact that this mom just can’t get her act together and keeps getting scared by the same fake dog is comedy gold. This YouTube video has over half a million hits and counting, on its way to viral status simply because of one mother’s priceless reaction.

If five hilarious fake-outs were recorded in just a few minutes, it’s safe to say this mom can expect a rough road ahead over the next few months. I give her all the points for being a good sport.

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