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11 Ways you can use two extra minutes in the morning

Believe it or not, an extra two minutes in the morning can go a long way. Here are a few morning life hacks that will make you feel accomplished after squeezing them into 120 seconds.

1. Make the bed

Or at least tidy it up a bit. Research states that making your bed every day can lead to better productivity and improved sleep.

2. Put your clothes in the hamper

Since this task will only take you about 30 seconds, you can go ahead and hang your wet towels, too. Picking up today will only help keep your bathroom less messy throughout the week, as you are more likely to feel motivated to do it again tomorrow.

4. Load your morning dishes in the dishwasher

Load just the cups or silverware to save time later in the day.

5. Prep dinner

Take your meat out of the freezer and place in a sink full of cold water.

6. Wipe the counter

If you made breakfast, it’s likely you’ve got morning crumbs. Put away the toaster, the bread and wipe the counter. Coming home to a clean kitchen will help you feel more at ease when you walk through the door.

7. Do yoga

OK, so you don’t have time for a full routine, but two minutes of downward dog is sure to give you some peace of mind before you start your day. And if you’re not a yoga fan, try a few jumping jacks or running in place.

8. Drink a glass of water

Taking an extra two minutes to drink a glass of water in the morning has quite a few health benefits. New Health Guide notes that gulping down a good 8 ounces will get your metabolism flowing, resulting in glowing skin and overall physical improvement.

9. Create a to-do list

Want to feel more productive today? Create a to-do list! Knowing what you need to do will help you prioritize your day and help you feel more accomplished once you see what you were able to complete in 12 hours.

10. Respond to an email

If you’re like the rest of the world, your inbox is probably a mile long. Choose one email that you know will take you only two minutes to respond to and get it done. Doing something that you can get done with a few spare minutes will help motivate you to do things that will take much longer.

11. Write a love note

Compose a quick love note for your kids or spouse to receive when they arrive home. If you’re single, send a quick text or email to a friend or loved one to let him or her know that you care. That extra two minutes can go a very long way.

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