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Women banned from Instagram for being too hairy down there

If you think pubic hair is obscene, then you will likely agree with the Instagram decision to take down a photo from the Australian online magazine Sticks and Stones‘ account after the company posted an image of two women in bathing suits. The only other thing is that they both had, as they say, a full ’70s bush situation. It is quite the sight.

Amazingly, though Instagram removed the “offending” photo, they later put it back up after a massive backlash. Score one for social media! You can see for yourself below if it is “offensive”:
OK, so yes. There is pubic hair. It’s there. Now get over it. Our obsession nowadays with removing all body hair is weird. It’s unnatural. I am just as guilty, so I can’t judge. Certainly I shave my legs every day and keep everything pretty much neat and hairless. I would sooner eat six habanero peppers raw than wear a pelt anywhere on my body.

Is that good? Maybe for my husband. But when I think about my two beautiful daughters, I don’t want them to feel that way. I want them to be proud of every part of themselves. If that part is hairy, so be it. We don’t knock men for having hairy bits, do we? OK, maybe we do. Sometimes. Exceptionally hairy men that is. But for the regular schmo, a little leg hair is just fine. But God help the woman who has some.

Instagram was right to bring these photos back. There is nothing obscene about a more natural look. Personally, I will continue to groom, but I won’t knock women who choose not to. That’s not part of being a sister. I say if you like a full ’70s look, rock on with it, sister. You are brave. You are bold.

And maybe if it comes back in style, we will all save a lot on waxing, razors and depilatory creams. A girl can dream, right?

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