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Things only women with resting niceface understand (VIDEO)

There is a group of the population that is silently suffering, and this video is here to enlighten you on the plight of those who are stuck with resting niceface.


Basically, having resting niceface is a hazard among both friends and strangers — strangers will ask you for weird favors and your friends will not ask at all, they’ll just tell you what they’re going to be taking from you.

And the worst part about having resting niceface? Can’t pull off a Red Sox hat on account of zero scowling ability. So, if you’re a baseball fan with resting niceface, pick another team; Boston is a no-go. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we are quite affected by this and need to be comforted, so obviously we’re going to find the nearest person with resting niceface and just launch ourselves on that cute little bunny in hopes she will give us a hug.

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