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Dogs whose Super Bowl dreams will have to wait until next year

If your favorite football team failed to make it into the Super Bowl, you can share your sadness with these NFL-loving pets.

1. How could you lose, Packers?

2. I am so sad, Broncos.

3. Oh, Panthers! I was hoping it was all just a bad dream.

4. Ravens lost. Please leave me alone.

5. Just so you know, Colts, these are our sad and mad faces.

6. Say it isn’t so, Cowboys!

7. Not feeling the Super Bowl love, Eagles. This is a problem.

8. This is where I will be until next year, Dolphins. I can’t bear getting up.

9. You aren’t chief, Chiefs. Excuse me while I drown my sorrows.

10. And to think I bet my whole treat bag on you, Lions.

11. Better luck next year, Jets.

12. Dude, I know the Steelers aren’t going to the Super Bowl. I feel your pain.

13. What? Raiders aren’t going to represent at the Super Bowl?

14. No quiero 49ers, no mas, no.

15. Yo, Browns, you let me down.

16. Truly heartbroken, Chargers, truly heartbroken.

17. Super Bowl isn’t going to be super without you, Redskins.

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