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66 Pet names inspired by the NFL

If you’re a fanatic for football and you just so happen to be looking for a unique pet name for your new furry friend, we’ve got 66 pet names inspired by NFL teams, players and terms, so you don’t go into overtime naming your pet.

NFL pet names inspired by the game

When you can’t decide on only one football team or player, simply look to the game itself to find the perfect name for your pawed pal. Game terms are especially fun when they fit the personality of your pet.

1. Touchdown
2. Tackle
3. Overtime
4. Kickoff
5. Fumble
6. Penalty

NFL pet names inspired by football teams

Do you have a favorite team, and everybody knows it by your team garb and home decor? Then naming your pet after your football team is the only option.

7. Patriot
8. Seahawk
9. Raven
10. Bengal
11. Brownie
12. Steeler
13. Tex
14. Titan
15. Colt
16. Jaguar
17. Billy
18. Dolph
19. Jet
20. Bronco
21. Chief
22. Raider
23. Charger
24. Bear
25. Lion
26. Packer
27. Viking
28. Falcon
29. Panther
30. Saint
31. Buccaneer
32. Cowboy
33. Giant
34. Eagle
35. Redskin
36. Cardinal
37. Ram

NFL pet names inspired by football players

When your heart is set on a particular football player, naming your pet after him will give you even more reason to call your pet to cuddle.

38. Tom Tom or Brady (Tom Brady)
39. Tony or Romo (Tony Romo)
40. Peyton (Peyton Manning)
41. Drew or Brees (Drew Brees)
42. Reggie (Reggie Bush)
43. Quinn (Robert Quinn)
44. Sherman (Richard Sherman)
45. Andre (Andre Johnson)
46. Suggs (Terrell Suggs)
47. Ben or Big Ben (Ben Roethlisberger)
48. Pierre (Pierre Gar?on)
49. Kiko (Kiko Alonso)
50. Flacco (Joe Flacco)
51. Tolbert (Mike Tolbert)
52. Jerricho (Jerricho Cotchery)
53. Russell or Wilson (Russell Wilson)
54. Andy or Lucky (Andrew Luck)
55. Eddie or Lacy (Eddie Lacy)
56. Davante (Davante Adams)
57. Cooper (Cooper Helfet)
58. Starky (James Starks)
59. Edelman (Julian Edelman)
60. Coby or Fleener (Coby Fleener)
61. Jordy or Nelson (Jordy Nelson)
62. Mason or Crosby (Mason Crosby)
63. Julius or Peppers (Julius Peppers)
64. Cory or Redding (Cory Redding)
65. Fitz or Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald Toussaint or Larry Fitzgerald)
66. Sheldon (Sheldon Richardson)

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