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Blogger disses leggings and says they are ‘sinful’

The next time you’re at your gym working out in leggings, consider this: You may be contributing to the moral downfall of your fellow man. So believes a Christian blogger who has been agonizing over whether she should continue to wear sinful tight pants.

Veronica Partridge, a mom from Oregon who runs a self-named blog, found herself struggling with the idea that her leggings might be causing men other than her husband to have “lustful thoughts” about her.

In her post, she first and foremost, starts off reminding us that she is not trying to tell the world what to wear and what not to wear, but that she, personally, isn’t sure how she feels about all of us women putting our butts out there on display without even having the decency to remember that leggings aren’t pants and require a long shirt on top. OK, I said that — but you do know it is a fashion cardinal sin to don a crop top with leggings, right?

OK, OK, back to the topic at hand: Veronica asked her husband for his opinion on leggings and he seemed to get all hot and bothered just from the mention of them. She says: “I appreciated his honestly when he told me, ‘yeah, when I walk into a place and there are women wearing yoga pants everywhere, it’s hard to not look. I don’t, but it’s not easy.'”

Might that place he mentions be a co-ed gym? If not, I’ve got to say I’m a little curious about these mythical places where the walls are papered with women wearing yoga pants.

Veronica ponders how she can expect strange men to maintain control over themselves if her own husband struggles not to look at women in leggings. Because a woman’s work is never over. She must mother, earn an income, make a damn good Beef Wellington dinner, and ensure all men, everywhere, are not tempted to cheat on their wives. For a gender with quite a lot of control over the universe, you’d expect us to be paid more!

And, so, her choice has been made: Veronica has decided to no longer wear the single most enticing article of clothing a woman can own: cheap, thin, yoga pants that are often the first things we pull out of a drawer on busy mornings and double as pajamas that night (who else does that?).

Is Victoria’s Secret paying attention? Those $2 million fantasy bras are obviously a big ole waste of fabric.

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