9 Quirky design tips that break all the rules

Forget the rules of home decorating and infuse your eclectic taste throughout your home. The only rule of undecorating is there are no rules. If you find something you love, it belongs inside your home — regardless of color, style or function.

1. Colander collections can be chic

Eclectic Kitchen by London Interior Designers & Decorators Avocado Sweets Interior Design Studio
Colanders aren’t just for draining pasta. Use them as light fixtures to add a splash of bright color to your kitchen.

2. Who needs cabinet doors?

Eclectic Kitchen by Other Metro Media & Bloggers Adrienne DeRosa
Forgo cabinet doors and display your cookware and dishes. Group them by similar colors and heights to create an interesting display.

3. Throw pillows at the breakfast table?

Eclectic Dining Room by Denver Architects & Building Designers Ashley Campbell Interior Design
A built-in window bench makes perfect additional seating at your breakfast table. Add a few throw pillows, and your breakfast nook will be the best seat in the house.

4. Eclectic is A-OK

Eclectic Bedroom
Go ahead and mix several styles of furniture and accessories together. The mismatched decor is what unifies the space.

5. Shelves as a headboard

Eclectic Bedroom by Asbury Park Interior Designers & Decorators Denizen Design
No headboard is needed with these stylish and functional shelves. Admire your favorite books and art pieces from the comfort of your bed.

6. Color-coordinate what was once clutter

Eclectic Family Room by Boston Interior Designers & Decorators Hudson Interior Design
If you have a library, color-coordinate it. This is an ingenious way to create a large statement piece and add color to your space.

7. Bookcase as a room divider

Eclectic Family Room by Athens Photographers Corynne Pless
This bookcase is doing double duty — acting as a room divider as well as beautifully displaying your books and art collection.

8. Who says bright colors overwhelm small spaces?

Contemporary Bathroom by Other Metro Architects & Building Designers aegis interior design ltd
This bath is small but stylish and functional. Bold colors, simple lines and bright natural light give this tiny space an open feel.

9. Don’t waste even the weirdest space

Contemporary Home Office by Austin Architects & Building Designers Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
Even Harry Potter wouldn’t mind this nifty office under the stairs. This is a perfect solution for a normally wasted space.

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