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This interactive kitchen will make you hate your kitchen (VIDEO)

This video of some of the smart home technology showcased at CES 2015 will do the following: It will make you realize how inadequate your home is, and it will open your eyes to a whole raft of possibilities when it comes to technology and style in your currently inadequate home.


After watching this video, we’ve really turned our backs on our own kitchens. How can we possibly go on pretending it’s all fine when our kitchen doesn’t see us or know our personal info? And how have we gotten by this whole time without an alarm clock that imitates sunrise? Our current alarm clocks are so lame. All they do is make loud noise and interrupt our Ryan Gosling dreams.

Not to mention, we are totally into this idea of a house that senses when we are awake and turns the lights on for us. We are busy people and we don’t have time to spend on illuminating our homes ourselves. Plus, all of the stuff in this video is so pretty and sleek and stylish. We want it all. We want it all now. Christmas is only 11 months away; you know what to do.

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