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23 Weird sibling photos that will make you grateful for your own (VIDEO)

These sibling photos took the cringe factor and cranked it up to 11.


Sweet mother of all that is good and holy! These photos are cringeworthy for sure, but they are also terribly creepy. At least one person in half of these photos looks like he or she is wishing evil on the other person or people in the photos. Between the Gothic siblings, the girl actually sitting on her sister, the one kid who has his back completely turned to the camera and the brother choking his sister, it seems there are some causes for concern.

Also of concern? The fashion choices in these photos. Thumbs down to the people in parasilk, the kid dressed like a clown and the brother and sister denim duo. But thumbs up to the girls with the DJ Tanner hairdos. We love us some DJ Tanner.

But what’s with the leaf-wielding brothers? Of all the weird things going on in these photos, that’s definitely the weirdest.

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