Send your enemies a glitter bomb with rad new service

Jan 14, 2015 at 1:55 p.m. ET

Hate someone? Of course you do. What can you do to profess your disdain while staying on the right side of the po-po?

Consider sending the object of your animosity an envelope stuffed full of glitter with a note inside. When the abhorrent recipient slides the letter out, glitter goes everywhere. Suck it, jackass. It's a new service called

The new site has launched in Australia and borrows a page from the LGBT community, which has long taken to glitter-bombing public figures who oppose their equal rights. It's completely attention grabbing, usually pretty embarrassing and requires a ton of cleanup.

The service costs less than $10, guarantees your anonymity and includes a note explaining why the recipient has been singled out. As a bonus, the people behind the site are hilarious. They call glitter the "herpes of the craft world."

So very true.

Under the FAQs for the site is the Q plenty of people will probably have about the site: Is this for real?

"Yes, you fu*&^cking idiot," they write. "We spent too much time, money and resources putting this s*^t hole of a website up not to get paid for it."

So there you have it. It's real and promises results. The true genius is the folded sheet of paper inside the envelope, which promises maximum glitter distribution.

As one "reviewer" writes, "It’s been three weeks and I'm still finding this s&^t. How the f$8k do I get rid of it?”"

There is a bit of bad news. The site has been bombarded with orders and is a bit backed up. So it might take a little longer than usual to ship your enemies their letter.

"Purchasing has been temporarily suspended," the site says. "You guys have a sick fascination with shipping people glitter. We've received all orders & working through them. There was a tonne so be patient."

Seems like this site has really hit a nerve with people. What do you think? Would you consider sending someone a glitter bomb envelope?

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