Fat femme artist honours beautiful, bigger bodies

In today’s society, “fat” is a dirty word. It’s time for those with bigger bodies to reclaim it — and “Nothing to Lose” is their platform.

What makes a body beautiful? Long, slim legs? A tiny waist? Perky breasts? These are typical attributes of the “perfect body” — at least as far as the media at large is concerned. And it’s getting a little dull. So thank goodness for groundbreaking companies like Force Majeure, who has joined forces with two powerful women (artist Kelli Jean Drinkwater and choreographer Kate Champion) to create “Nothing to Lose,” a radical dance performance that makes us consider how we are influenced by the repressive physical standards set by society.

Nothing to Lose is the brainchild of KelliJean Drinkwater

Image: Kelli Jean Drinkwater/Facebook

Artistic associate on the project is self-proclaimed “fat activist” Kelli Jean Drinkwater, who has made a career out of questioning the restricted portrayal of larger bodies and spreading fat-positive messages through art and performance.

“As an artist and a woman of size my creative practice and my body politics are inseparable,” Drinkwater told The Huffington Post. “Exploring ways to reclaim spaces and platforms that are often prohibitive to ‘othered’ bodies is a huge inspiration. I also enjoy the aesthetic potential of taking up space.”

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“I was looking to make a movement piece using big bodied performers when Kate Champion approached me to collaborate with her on ‘Nothing to Lose,'” added Drinkwater. “I loved that we were both conceptually in sync but coming from completely different perspectives. It was a very timely meeting.”

Fat activist KelliJean Drinkwater

Image: Kelli Jean Drinkwater/Facebook

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“Nothing to Lose” by Force Majeure is part of Sydney Festival 2015 and the Dance Massive Festival in Melbourne. Will it travel to our shores? Watch this space…

Nothing to Lose is part of the Sydney Festival 2015

Image: Force Majeure/Facebook

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