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7 Trendy garden ideas for the hipster gardener

Gardening is not just a hobby for your grandmother anymore.18- to 35-year-olds will be the largest age group digging in the dirt this year! As these generation Y-ers start to settle down and purchase homes, they are more likely to tackle DIY projects and spend time outdoors. Here are the trends they’re following to have the most happening gardens in the neighborhood.

1. Gardening for sustainable living


Photo by UGA

People are no longer gardening just to pretty up their landscape. They are gardening to enrich communities, the environment and their own well-being. Low-maintenance plants that are drought-tolerant and disease-resistant will be popular this year.

4. Using pops of color

color gardening

Photo by Nicholas Gent

Subtle colors are out and bright and bold colors are in! Plants with unusual patterns and strong colors will be popular choices in the landscape. Don’t be bashful — go ahead and plant a mix of hot pink and teal by your mailbox.

5. Entertaining in outdoor “garden rooms”

garden rooms entertaining

Photo by Stirling Stoneworks

With all the time and energy spent to pretty up your outdoor space, you’ll want to show it off. Gone are the days of regular patio sets. Instead of bringing the outdoors in, bring the indoors out. Full dining tables, sofas and even televisions can be incorporated into your temporary entertaining space if you lack the room indoors. This year your “garden room” will be the most popular spot to entertain.

6. Portable gardens for small spaces

potable gardens

Photo by Kimberly McKinnis

You don’t have to own a home to have a garden. Many dwarf varieties of traditional plants are readily available now and are perfect for container gardening. Apartment dwellers can enjoy gardening on their patios or in a well-lit room.

7. Urban farming

urban farming

Photo by Paolo Mottola

Looks like city dwellers want to be homesteaders too — just not in the middle of the country. Empty city lots are being converted to community gardens and residents living in major metropolitan areas are raising chickens and bees. You don’t need a bunch of acreage to have a farm.

8. Using native plants

native plant garden

Photo by Kristine Paulus

The popularity of native plants will be on the rise this year. These types of plants are indigenous, occur naturally or existed for many years in an area. These plants make awesome additions to your landscape because they are very low maintenance and have stood the test of time.

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