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10 Reasons the Super Bowl is all you should be watching right now

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner. If you’re not into sports or the NFL, then you probably couldn’t care less, but there’s more to the Super Bowl than just football.

1. Even if you hate watching sports, the halftime entertainment is worth tuning in for

Image: KatyPerryPhotos1/Tumblr

Last year Bruno Mars rocked the stadium in a performance of a lifetime. This year Katy Perry is geared up to take the stage, and that alone should be worth tuning in for.

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2. It’s the perfect excuse to spend all day in front of the TV, eating junk food

Image: D-Link/Twentieth Century Fox Films Corporation/Hughes Entertainment

3. The players like to show off when they score a touchdown

Image: YahooSports/Tumblr

4. It’s a good excuse to throw a party

Image: WeDoItBetta/Tumblr

5. The million-dollar commercials

Video credit: MediocreFilms/YouTube

Canadians will have to either stream the game online to be able to view the world’s most-watched TV commercials or wait to view them on YouTube.

6. Everyone else is watching it

Image: WiffleGif

7. You can check out the players’ sexy butts

Image: TheDailyDot/Tumblr

8. Gain a new appreciation for how exciting ice hockey is

Image: Giphy/HBO

9. It will make your sports-loving partner love you even more

Image: ANostalgicNerd/Tumblr/Jeff Franklin Productions/Lorimar Telepictures

10. The gymnastics are impressive

Image: TheBookOfTheBlt/Tumblr

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