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8 Reasons Super Bowl viewers should switch to hockey

Last year the Super Bowl was touted as the most boring game ever, and the consensus was that if it weren’t for Bruno Mars’ performance and the infamous Super Bowl ads, it would have been even worse. So this year we’ve decided ice hockey is so much better than the Super Bowl, and here’s why.

1. Almost anyone can run fast, skating takes talent

Image: Zazzu/Tumblr/Paramount Pictures

Most people with two legs can run, leap, jump and even catch a ball, even if badly. However, not everyone can skate.

Image: Reddit

2. Hockey has the mother lode of all trophies

Image: RedEye Chicago

Compared to the Stanley Cup, you can’t really justify calling the Vince Lombardi Trophy a trophy at all.

Image: Zer0radiogifs/Tumblr

3. The Super Bowl needs spectacular halftime entertainment to keep the crowd awake

Image: MTV/Tumblr

Otherwise fans would be nodding off like this.

Image: USATodaySports/Tumblr

4. Hockey fans are the epitome of cool

Image: Mashable

Before you get all judgmental and scream, “You can’t say that,” we can, and we have proof.

Image: Cracked/Tumblr

5. Hockey is fast-paced and packed with action

Image: Twitpic/PeteBlackburn

In the time it takes you to watch the Super Bowl, you could have watched the entire movie of Titanic, and even that has more action.

Image: NESN

6. Hockey players celebrate goal-scoring with decorum, a high-five, a fist-bump, backslap or team huddle

Image: Russian Machine Never Breaks

Whereas NFL players feel the need to show off and burst into dance, because it’s the only action the fans get.

Image: Football2Football/Tumblr

7. The fights are awesome

Image: Twitpic/PeteBlackburn

More: Hockey players visit children’s hospital dressed as Frozen characters

8. It takes more than a tumble on the ice to put a player on the bench

Image: SB Nation Boston

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