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7 Seriously easy ways to get rid of the dog smell in your home

You live with your dog, so maybe you smell him, maybe you don’t. But one thing’s for sure, your guests certainly do smell that foul dog odor. Here’s a few ways you can mask your dog’s aroma, so he and your house can smell a bit more fresh.

1. Regular bathing

The first step in keeping your dog smelling less like a dog is regular bathing. Cesar Millan recommends bathing your dog once a week with a dog or human baby shampoo. If you feel your dog needs washing more often, such as after a run or a day of sunbathing, dry shampoo is an excellent option. Similar to your dry shampoo, the dog version allows you to spray, rub and go without the hassle of a tub or the awful wet dog aroma. Our favorite brand is Pet Head Dog’s Luv it Strawberry Lemonade, because as the name suggests, it smells of strawberry lemonade — and really, what’s better?

2. Lavender oil

Most perfumes and dyes aren’t safe for your dog’s coat, but thankfully lavender oil is. Rub into his skin after a warm day, mist onto his bedding or around the house. Not only will it keep Fido smelling sweet, it will also help keep fleas and ticks at bay.

3. Oral hygiene

Just like humans, dogs require regular oral hygiene to keep their chompers tip top and their overall well being in order. As most, if not all dogs have bad breath, thanks to licking anything and everything and the not-so pleasant smell of kibble, poor oral hygiene can create other health problems that add to your dog’s stink. Avoid such problems by providing your dog with a healthy meat-based diet, rubber or nylon chew toys and rawhides as well as daily brushing. You can find a dog dental kit at your local pet store or PetSmart.

4. Check his ears

Often a dog’s awful stench can be derived from a more serious problem located in the dog’s ears. If you’re noticing a smell and your dog seems to be itching, scratching or paying more attention to his ears than normal, he may have an infection. While there are at-home ways to clean your dog’s ears, we strongly advise making an appointment with your vet to see if the problem is serious. The vet can also provide you with a cleaner appropriate for your dog’s ears.

5. The dog bed

A great way to keep your dog’s odor down is to start with his bed. Purchase a bed with a removable cover to wash once a week with a static cling treatment, and vacuum his area daily to every other day. If you don’t have a pet vacuum attachment, a lint roller will help catch anything that the vacuum may have missed. Don’t forget to vacuum other areas that your dog regularly frequents to keep the odor down.

6. Collar clean

Your dog’s collar can be the unknown source of his odor problems. If you haven’t washed or replaced it since your puppy became a dog, now’s your chance. Considering that most collars can’t withstand a regular machine cycle, hand wash it using dog or baby shampoo. Rub collar vigorously using your hands, soak in warm water for 10-15 minutes then rinse and hang dry.

7. Air purifier

Believe it or not, there are air purifiers made especially for pet owners. These specialized purifiers aid in trapping pet hair, dander and other odors from your home. Not only will they reduce allergens but also remove that stinky dog smell.

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