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8 Clever ways to fake extra square footage in a small home

Bigger isn’t always better, but it wouldn’t hurt. Here’s how you can fake out your guests and yourself into believing you’ve got more house than you paid for.

1. Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for staring at your reflection anymore. A mirror can bring much-needed natural light into a room, create an optical illusion for length and create a much-needed sense of flow in a space. Place mirrors next to or directly across from windows to reflect natural light and behind lamps to reflect and cover more of the room. If you are attempting to create an illusion of more space in a bedroom or smaller living area, place a vertical mirror at the entry way to make the room appear longer. Place one against an entire wall like a photo as a sort of accent wall or scattered across it to make the overall space seem larger.

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2. Floating furniture

One mistake many homeowners make is to place furniture against walls. If you want your place to fake square footage, you’ll want to float your furniture instead. Creating a living area within a room will give the impression that you’ve got more space to work with than you really do.

3. Oversize printed rug

Perhaps the most simple solution in faking out your space is to add an oversize printed rug. Having a rug with a bright, vibrant design will draw the eyes down rather than around. In addition, the rug will give off the optical illusion that the floor area provides more walking area than what is reality. We love this pinwheel rug that is wild with color and fun.

4. One large piece of furniture

Most people believe that when you have low square footage, you’re required to have small furniture. This is definitely not the case. An oversize couch or chair can actually help make it look like you’ve got room to have such chunky pieces. Just keep it to one, as two or more large pieces can have the opposite effect.

5. Legs, legs, legs

On the note of furniture, choosing pieces with legs will help lengthen and elevate your room. By taking up less volume of the room, it will give the impression that there is more length and width as well.

6. The curtain trick

Want length? Fake it by replacing your curtains with a longer length and posting your hardware closer to the ceiling. Since most are used to curtains being only 6 inches above the window, placing them higher will give you more length and definition in your space.

7. Perfectly coordinated in neutrals

An excellent way to pretend you’ve got more square feet is to go all neutral from head to toe. Choose a neutral paint, furniture and wall color so that your room blends well. Add a few signature throws or pillows for a personalized look, but stay light on your overall hue. Grieges are popular right now and go with pretty much anything and every color. And if it’s an option (meaning you’ve got no kids, pets or dirty feet), go all white, as white is always a go-to space saver.

8. All eyes up

And for those of you who just need a wild accent wall, paint the ceiling. Like the rug, having a focal point will create the illusion that you’ve got more room than you really do.

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