4 Mantras that will help you dress for the life you want

I am not one for New Year’s resolutions, but I thought for 2015 I would try something different. I have decided to create a New Year’s resolution, which, by the way, is yet to be determined.


t We love a good mantra and make resolutions all the time in other areas of our lives, but did you know you they apply to your look too?

t I am a self-proclaimed fashionista but I believe in evolving my look each year. For example, in 2013 I was all about tight jeans, blazers and showing some skin. However, 2014 involved pencil skirts, a high neckline and crop tops but remember everyone, this was a natural evolution. Taking risks in fashion is exciting because it is not permanent. You can reinvent yourself the next day. This is the personal mantra that I live by: If your look creates confidence, then go for it.

t A lot of my friends are going through transitional periods in their lives and I want my experience to inspire other women to create the life they want through the way they present themselves. Let’s be honest, as much as we try not to judge someone by how they look or how they dress, most of us tend to; it is natural. You want to get that job? Go in looking the part. You want that guy? Throw on those high heels. You have to put some effort into your look. If looking your best was a waste of time, then why is fashion a billion dollar industry? I am not suggesting red carpet attire; instead I’m suggesting that simple changes to your look (like adding a pop of color to your lip or throwing your hair in a neat bun or topknot), can actually bring you closer to the life you want to lead.

t Here are a few simple fashion and beauty tips, and the mantras that inspired them, that you can do each day to dress for the life you want.


Mantra 1: Confidence starts from the inside out

Look the part: The seamless bra


t Ladies, no matter how lovely your outfit, ill-fitting undergarments sabotage the entire effect. Do you want people to admire you or the odd bumps on your lady lumps? Invest in a seamless bra and use your laced bras for “other occasions.”

tAchieve this look with La Senza’s Lightly Lined Demi Bra.

Mantra 2: Keep it simple

Look the part: Eyebrows, the new black


t Orderly brows are arguably the most important aspect in your beauty routine because they frame your face. Leaving the house with untamed brows is like not combing your hair. It looks messy! This kit has diverse shaped brow stencils (no excuses here, ladies) that you can use to create neat and flawless brows. If you only perform one of the suggested tips, make sure it is this one.

tAchieve this look with Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express.


Mantra 3: Love yourself, others will notice

Look the part: Tinted moisturizer with SPF


t For those of you who do not like to wear foundation or concealer, this is the next best thing. Most importantly, you are protected from the sun and this product blends well under any type of makeup. Remember, SPF is your friend, wrinkles are not.

tAchieve this look with Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream.

Mantra 4: Complete your look

Look the part: A purse pulls any look together


tYou do not have to be a size two or have Beyonce’s budget to use this tip. A structured bag gives an outfit an immediate polish. If you want to rock the minimal trend, try one in gray, or if you want to stand out, choose a bold color like blue or red.

tAchieve this look with Aldo’s Towler Bag

tAs I mentioned above, no one forced me to evolve my look, but other women inspired me, and I hope these guidelines do the same for you. Be fearless this year, even if it is a small step towards red lipstick.


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