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The time to Pursue Your Passion is now

It happens every year. You emerge from New Year’s Eve with lofty plans to rectify all of last year’s transgressions. No more cupcakes. Drink less wine. Eat tons of salad. Do squats. Read more. Ask for a raise. Stop watching so much TV.

But those resolutions come and go. The one thing that you will really stick to is the one thing you should do right now. Identify your passion and start figuring out how to make it a part of your everyday life.

That’s a big reason why we started the Experts Among Us program; because it unearthed some of the most quietly ferocious talent, the seekers and makers in everyday life who simply wanted a voice and an audience to share what they love. The people that were following their passions.

Anthony Robbins quote about passion

So that raises the question — what are you passionate about? You’d be surprised how many people find that difficult to answer. That’s why we created this quiz to help you narrow it down and to connect you with personalized advice from a SheKnows Expert who shares your passion.

But knowing isn’t enough. We want to inspire you to activate your passion and open the dialogue with others like you. Join the conversation on social media using #PursueYourPassion, tune in for quotes and inspiration throughout the month and check out our 10 steps to living your dream, courtesy of our resident life coach, Liz Nead.

When you do what you love and love what you do, you’ll find a lot of those little imperfections you see in yourself start to melt away. Nothing is more beautiful than happiness and self-acceptance.

So — what are you passionate about?

See all of our content for Pursuing Your Passions here and don’t forget to check back throughout the month as we flesh it out with more goodness.

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