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15 Glamorous kitchens just oozing with inspiration

The start of a new year is inspiration alone to update your kitchen. Whether you’re hungry for kitchen decorating ideas or ways to dramatically transform your cooking space, these 15 glamorous kitchens will whet your appetite.

1. A modern interpretation of a mountain home kitchen

This contemporary kitchen combines coveted elements of mountain living, including natural wood and light, with the clean lines that modernists love.

2. The ideal kitchen for a minimalist

An ideal kitchen for the cook who wants the kitchen to emanate a cool, collected and elegant feel sans distractions from counter clutter.

3. When rustic and classy styles meet in the kitchen

We love the strong wood elements of the ceiling, island and antiqued cabinets joined with the stonework, granite, stainless steel and the chandeliers.

4. A small but glamorous kitchen

Bright colors, clean lines and stainless steel give this small kitchen enviable class.

5. Yes, kitchen chandeliers, please!

The chandeliers alone make this traditional kitchen a glamorous space, but the stone mantel over the range, bright white cabinetry and the stately granite and dark wood island take elegance over the top.

6. A warm, welcoming, modern kitchen

The dark wood cabinets, brown and gray color scheme and warm lighting give this kitchen an enchanting ambiance that invites you in to wine, dine and relax.

7. We want this kitchen

What’s not to love about this inspired kitchen? The neutral color scheme and stainless steel give you next to endless possibilities for colorful accents. The backsplash adds an element of whimsy to this enviable space.

8. A kitchen fit for the rich and famous

This inviting kitchen is simply stunning with elegant color combinations, clean lines and ample natural light.

9. Wood floor, white cabinets and a vaulted ceiling meet in a dramatic way

If you’re looking for a spacious yet cozy kitchen, this is it. The black walnut floors are a gorgeous contrast to the white cabinetry while the vaulted ceiling and windows make the room bright and airy.

10. A warm, rich and inviting kitchen that draws you in

The combination of dark wood, unintrusive lighting and large rug make this a kitchen and dining area that is easily the heart of the home. This is the fabulous space that your family and friends will look forward to spending time in.

11. A transitional kitchen that oozes glamour

This enchanting kitchen may be the most dazzling room in the house. The iridescent backsplash and shell light fixtures add sparkle while the double islands and sophisticated chairs make you want to sit down and enjoy.

12. Upscale kitchen shows off dark and light

Black, dark brown and white couldn’t be more elegant in this eclectic kitchen. The gloss cabinetry and counters give this space a bright and shiny appeal.

13. Glamorous with a capital G

This captivating kitchen doesn’t let its compact size keep it from being an awe-inspiring space. The varied lighting, mirrored and reflective surfaces and ceiling-high cabinets make the kitchen look larger than its small footprint.

14. Modern and amazing

Ideal for the minimalist, this spacious kitchen is a no-nonsense room with a place for everything necessary and everything necessary is in its proper, most functional place.

15. Black, white and oh so nice

Transforming a kitchen into a glamorous gathering place is as easy as a black-and-white color scheme along with chic furnishing.

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