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FAIL Of The Week: 15 Gym fails that’ll give you a good ab workout

The first month of the new year is in full swing, and you know what that means — say hello to “resolutioners”! You know, those of us who resolve each year to get in better shape. But before you flock to the gym, consider these fails a cautionary tale against fair-weather working out.

1. Two treads are not, in fact, better than one
There’s a reason there’s no such thing as double Dutch treadmilling, people. It’s a one-person machine, unless you want to get trapped in a whirling dervish of death like this unfortunate soul.

2. The next big trend in exercise has arrived
I don’t know why everyone’s snickering. This workout looks totally legit to me. This guy’s got panache!

3. Is it wrong to wish there was a video?

When people say “no pain, no gain,” I don’t think this is what they mean. Ouch!

4. I bet his neck is buff

What part of the body do you think this fella actually thinks he’s working out? One thing’s for sure — he probably gave the gym-goers around him a nice abdominal workout due to uncontrollable fits of laughter.

5. You haven’t seen hardcore until you’ve seen this dude
C’mon… now this is a workout I can get behind. It’s like the spirit fingers of weight lifting.

6. Is folding in half considered good cardio?
Watching this without giggling is nearly as impossible as actually keeping New Year’s resolutions. Seriously — still laughing.

7. This guy might have No. 4 out-necked

On the plus side, if this guy ever finds himself in a guillotine situation, his neck of steel will likely just break the blade.

8. No Grandmas were (seriously) harmed in the making of this video
It’s all fun and games until a sweet old lady breaks her hip.

9. Training for the world leapfrog championships…
Two thoughts occur while watching this clip: One, although his form may be laughable, this looks like much more fun than anything I’ve been doing in the gym; two, I bet he’s excellent at leap frog.

10. The universe lashes out when people exercise in jeans
If this poor guy was doing the bunny hop like the spry young exerciser above, none of this would have happened.

11. Ewww.

Oh, my. Here’s hoping the, ahem, panty dropper at least sanitized the equipment before leaving. (There are so many things wrong with that sentence, it boggles the mind.)

12. He kind of had it coming, no?

How this guy ever got it into his head this would work out in his favor is a real head-scratcher, but it’s safe to say he learned a lesson he won’t likely forget anytime soon.

13. Hey, sleeping burns calories too

Nobody ever said being a stone-cold stud was easy. This gentleman can attest first hand to how exhausting it is to maintain a sexy physique.

14. Somebody get these girls a clip
For the spotter’s sake, we’re hoping this little incident inspired her to invest in some better workout shoes.

15. For those who dare to CrossFit
Sure, this will eat up about three and half minutes of your day. But look at it this way — you’ll be laughing, and laughing burns calories, so basically you’re fulfilling your resolution to work out. No?

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