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Jennie Garth has inspiring, spot-on view towards beauty and aging

Random trivia: Who knows where Jennie Garth went to high school? Answer: Phoenix, Arizona! As this is also my hometown, I was stoked to snag a chance to interview her behind the scenes at a recent makeover event. (Plus, I just finished binge watching The Jennie Garth Project on HGTV, where I was reminded just how cool Kelly Taylor, erm, Jennie Garth is.

But as a beauty editor, it was my duty to refrain from asking her to let me move into her super chic Los Angeles home and be her best friend, but instead get her to dish all her beauty secrets. Hey, I’ll take it!

If I could sum up what I learned from Garth about beauty routines: Be smart about it, don’t obsess or take it too seriously but find products that work for you.

“There’s so many products. It’s hard to know where to go, what to choose. For me, it’s about finding products that make my life easier and I see results from. Bottom line. I don’t have any time for anything else that doesn’t really work.”

Amen. These days women are busy taking over the world so our routines have to be simple but effective. They’ve gotta make you feel like you’re on top of your game without turning your beauty routine into an all-morning fiasco. Because, who wants all that drama anyway?

So, what product is at the top her list right now? “I just started using the Pantene Expert line, and the age defy thickening treatment is my favorite product ever. Anything that says age defy basically.”

Garth also revealed that she stopped eating sugar, “I think that has been the key to everything.”

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SheKnows Expert Sarah Wilson, who hasn’t consumed any sugar in two years, agrees, saying that even though we’re biologically programmed to obsess over it, we have to learn to fight sugar cravings more often than not.

Garth also makes avocados a regular part of her diet, which can have tremendous effects on your hair and skin both by eating it and using to make your own moisturizing face mask.

If you eat clean and give your hair and body the nutrients they need on the inside, it affects everything on the outside. I don’t know about you, but my goal is actually to never have to wear makeup again if I don’t want to. While I love getting dressed up and feeling pretty, I love the having the freedom to skip my makeup routine and that starts with healthy skin.

Garth agrees, saying she feels much more empowered without makeup versus with it. “I wish I could walk around with no makeup, and I do a lot. I just feel prettier and more at ease.”

Finally, Garth’s single best piece of beauty advice:

“I think we settle into a place where we know what looks best [and] what looks are our best, and be really comfortable in that and not try to be outrageous. I think also with women less makeup is better as they get older. Less fussiness.”

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