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6 Ways to organize beauty products with office supplies

A well-organized vanity area can save you precious minutes in the morning and put a smile on your face. Some of the best tools for taming your beauty bundle can be found right in the office supply aisle. Here are some of my very favorite, and affordable, ways to utilize everyday office organization tools to whip your girly arsenal into shape.

1. File holders

File Holders

Once for taming boring manila folders, these can both contain and showcase your precious palettes! You can stack them both vertically and horizontally. If you have a ton of palettes like I do, you can utilize this to store your most frequently-used ones for everyday use.

2. Drawer organizers

Drawer Organizers

Sure, they do a great job of storing paperclips and pencils, but you know what they store even better? Lip colors! I have several of these drawer organizers and I like to organize by brand.

3. Pen cups

Pen Cups

Move over writing utensils because our makeup brushes are ready to move in! I love the pen cups with compartments so you can separate by face brush and eye brush. I like to mix and match pen cups, varying the heights and sizes.

4. Tabletop organizers

Tabletop Organizers

Tabletop Organizers

These are great for a myriad of beauty organization tasks. I like to use these for my insane amount of skin care products in my bathroom cabinet. You can also utilize these to organize lip products, foundations, mascaras, etc. Smaller makeup collections could probably fit into one organizer alone.

5. Skinny drawer baskets

Skinny Drawer Baskets

These babies are what I love to use to organize my hair products. I find these hold a row of hairsprays or styling products just right. I don’t have a lot of hair products but this helps me to see the limited amount I do have and grab what I need quickly.

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